In my experience, most people want to live in their own home, independently and for as long as they can. It has to be good that even if you are recovering from an illness, a fall, COVID-19 in the long form, or you need help with your long-term care, there is a range of services available to support you to do so.

Helping you stay at home

Home care services help or assist people to live in their own homes. These services are normally delivered by care workers or nurses. Home care services range from help with cleaning the house, to daily visits to assist with washing, dressing and other personal care tasks. The delivery of these types of services is now a popular alternative to going into some sort of residential care. This is not least of all because it reduces any unsettling changes and allows people the comfort of remaining in their own home within familiar surroundings. It can also be more cost effective when compared to the cost associated with residential care.

Assessment of services available

The first step in establishing what home care services are required takes the form of an assessment; the local council’s social services department completes this and it is known as a ‘package of care’. It will be part of an individual`s personal care plan. Services provided are individually assessed, however they include cooking meals, washing up, overnight stays to provide help if required at night and for many people, someone to talk to. 

Financial review

How much you have to pay will depend on an individual’s health and mobility, their savings and investments and the home care services they need. The local authority may be required to cover the cost in full, however individuals might be required to make a contribution, or even cover all of the costs themselves. Financial support from the State might be available in the form of Attendance Allowance and/or Disability Living Allowance/ Personal Independence Payment.

Even in circumstances where an individual is covering all of the costs, it is recommended that an assessment is requested. This would help in understanding and deciding what is needed. Once the assessment has been completed, it is normal practice to complete a financial assessment. This will determine the amount, if any, that the local council will pay. If they are going to contribute, the individual selects whether the local council organises and delivers the home care services, or the individual receives payments and organises and pays for everything themselves.  

If an individual is paying for the home care services themselves, then there may be a need to carry out a financial planning exercise. Into this exercise may be introduced the idea of a specialist annuity and perhaps, unlocking some of the value in your property.  

If you feel after reading this that you, or anyone you know, might benefit from holding a discussion on carrying out one of these financial planning exercises, please contact your Independent Financial Adviser.


Although every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided in this article is accurate and correct, the information provided does not constitute any form of financial advice. We recommend that you take financial advice before making any financial decisions.