Insurance is there to protect the things that matter, if the worst should ever happen.  Unfortunately, many of us are not protected at all and in a lot of cases have more protection in place for our pets than ourselves and our loved ones. According to Aegon UK 20017, people could be underprotecting themselves based on their mortgage debt alone by around £45,000.

We are pleased to provide a comprehensive suite of protection products designed to protect both your home and your family.

General Insurance – generally, most of us strive to own our own home and once we have achieved this it is important to take steps to ensure we can keep it through the various challenges that life can bring. Buildings and contents insurance and Accident, sickness and unemployment protection provide basic home and mortgage protection. We can also offer landlord and commercial solutions.

Life Insurance – this is the most common protection and least likely to be required. However, the latest figures* show that 1 in 29 children of school age have been bereaved of a parent or sibling - that’s the equivalent of one child in every classroom. In fact, a parent of a child under 18 dies every 22 minutes in the UK – that’s around 23,600 every year. Life insurance can provide a lump sum which can be used to cover your mortgage, childcare costs, university fees or simple household bills, so should the worst happen to you or a partner your immediate financial arrangements should be one less thing to worry about.

Critical Illness Cover – according to Macmillan Cancer Support there are 2.5 million adults living with cancer in the UK. Statistics from Redarc show that 60% of those that have suffered a stroke are of working age between 40 and 59. This type of cover provides a lump sum if you suffer a serious illness such as stroke, cancer or heart attack.

Income protection – we all need an income and a staggering 81% of us have no income protection in place**. Just how long would your savings last if you were unable to pay the bills or your mortgage? A sensible approach is to look at the cover that your employer will provide and then make sure you put in place protection to complement any employer arrangements. For less than you think you can guarantee peace of mind for you and your family until you can return to work.

Protection policies should be reviewed regularly and particularly if there have been any changes in your individual circumstances. To ensure you have the protection you need, please discuss your arrangements with your Dentons Wealth adviser.

* Childhood Bereavement Network
** State of the Protection Nation from Royal London