Savings plans advice.

Most of us have aspirations and dreams but recognise that we will need to save to achieve these - unless we are one of the lucky few to win on the lottery or other prize draws! Whether you need to save for a deposit for a home, to pay school fees for a child's eduction - or even a holiday,  we can help you understand which products are most tax efficient for you.

​Getting into a regular savings habit is important and we can provide guidance as to how to set realistic and achieveable budgets. You'll be suprised as to how quickly funds can build up. In addition the Government has launched various products with incentives to encourage savings along with the introduction of a Personal Savings Allowance.

Read more about the type of savings plans that are available.


Personal Savings Allowance

Since April 2016 savings interest has been paid tax free:

Tax payer status Personal Allowance
Basic-rate taxpayer Can earn £1,000 interest without paying tax
Higher rate taxpayer Can earn £500 interest without paying tax
Additional rate taxpayer No personal savings allowance

The Government states that this means that most popele will no longer pay tax on savings.





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