We work hard to understand your situation, your objectives and your concerns. This knowledge – combined with our expertise – is key to achieving the returns you need. Before undertaking any investment - whether a lump sum or regular premiums, we need to fully understand your attitude to risk and your capacity to withstand capital losses, and how this would affect your lifestyle.


Independent Research

We aim to recommend those funds and fund managers with a proven record of top performance and who we believe will continue to outperform in the future. We do this thanks to our own independent research and through working with RSMR (Rayner Spencer Mills Research), to create portfolios incorporating our bespoke strategic asset allocation overlay and fund selection critera.

It means we can provide you with a regular detailed performance review and ensures that, by looking at market commentary and considering the opinion of key industry experts, we can react quickly - switching funds and weighting portfolios accordingly.

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Active Management

The only way to achieve superior investment returns in the long term is to actively manage a portfolio. That’s why we recommend investing with specialist fund managers for each asset class, sector and fund style.

We take time to identify the market sectors and appropriate funds best positioned to weather challenging financial storms. 

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