Business financial planning.

As a business owner you are faced with a range of important issues every day but ensuring your long term success means putting sound financial business plans in place.

Have you thought about how to get growth on cash in your corporate bank account, or how to extract your profits in the most tax-efficient way? What would happen to the business if you (or your co-owner) were to die or fall seriously ill?

These are just a few of the scenarios that you will be faced with. As an independent financial adviser with a number of SME clients who have faced similar situations, we could help you.

Have you also considered how you would finance any expansion or even how to get Business Property Relief on your corporate cash account? Although retirement may not be high on your agenda right now, starting early will help ensure you can afford it when you want to and to give consideration as to whom should inherit your business.

Another aspect all businesses need to consider is how to effectively reward and motivate your most important resource – your people.

We can help you with these financial business planning issues – and many more.

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