Business Protection. 

If you run a business, you will know how difficult it could be if something happened to a key employee. We can help your business with different types of protection.

Life cover
To help protect your business if a key employee, shareholder or partner dies or becomes seriously ill.

Disability Cover for business
To help your business if a key employee, shareholder or partner suffers from a disabling illness or injury.

We can help you provide cover:

Key person cover
Protect your profits if you lose a vital employee, such as a director.

Shareholder and Partner Protection
This enables your company to retain control of the business should a shareholder or business partner die or become seriously ill.

Loan protection
Allows you to pay off any outstanding business loans should you, a shareholder or business partner die, or become seriously ill.

In addition we can help small companies with pension arrangements, such as a Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS).

A SSAS gives its members considerable flexibility and control over the investment policy and underlying assets of the pension and can provide financial benefits for a business, including a loan back to the founder or sponsoring employer of up to 50% of the fund value (subject to HMRC rules).

In addition, a business can purchase property to lease back to the sponsoring employer at an open market rent, which can provide a range of tax advantages.

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Research* has found that
although the death of a
business owner is
considered the most
disruptive possible scenario
to a SME, over 57%
do not have
any form
of protection to safeguard
their business.

12% of SMEs predicted if
they lost a key person or
business owner that they
would cease trading

* Legal & General 2013

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