Rayner Spencer Mills Research (RSMR) was established in 2004 as a financial research consultancy, working closely with financial advisers to help them deliver the very highest quality of investment advice.
Why we work with RSMR
The UK investment market is huge, with over 3000 investment funds to choose from. It’s crucial to choose funds wisely, because the difference between a top performing fund and a poorly performing fund is often significant.

With so much choice, the process of choosing the right funds can be a laborious process – and for financial advisers especially, this is valuable time that they would much prefer to be spending with their clients.

That’s why we choose to work with RSMR. They specialise in researching the investment market and provide the expertise that we need to confidently choose the right funds.
What RSMR does
Using industry expertise, RSMR research and monitor the investment fund sector. They apply strict criteria to help us identify not only the best performing funds, but the funds that have the best prospects for performing well in the future. This research focuses on the capability of each fund manager, the processes that they employ and the resources that they have available to them.

RSMR doesn't base their research on a brochure or a prospectus. Every year they conduct over 300 face to face meetings with fund managers, where they have the opportunity to ask searching questions about how they manage their fund – these meetings take place all over the world, from London and Paris to Sydney and Singapore.

Investment funds that meet RSMR's stringent criteria receive an RSMR fund rating – this is a badge of quality, respected throughout the financial industry and highly coveted by fund managers.
The benefit to you
We have chosen to work with RSMR because we value the research that they provide. It saves us time, effort and resource of researching the whole investment market and ensures that every fund selection is backed by RSMR’s exhaustive research. Read the latest RSMR Investor Insight.

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