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Business protection is a type of insurance that helps protect your business against possible financial losses when illness, injury or death affects you, as the owner, or your employees. By including business protection in your business plan, you will ensure your business has the ability to continue to operate, even when faced with compromising circumstances.

The type of protection you need is highly dependent on the size and nature of your business but you will still need to ensure that both your business and your employees are properly protected and this is where business protection insurance comes in to play.

Making a business work can be hard enough anyway but imagine if you had to handle the unexpected consequences of a serious illness or injury? The impact, such as loss of profit, interruption to cash flow, the inability to make loan repayments and possibly a change in shareholder control could be debilitating and even devastating to a business, especially smaller, family-run companies. In addition, many businesses that rely on key individuals are often under-insured or have no business protection plan in place at all.

Business protection differs from personal insurance as it reflects your business needs.
There are three key business protection areas for your company:
> Key person protection (also known as Keyman protection) - financially protecting your business against the death or serious illness of a key person

​> Business loan protection - life insurance or life and critical illness insurance usually taken out by the business to insure the loan

​> Shareholder/Partnerhip protection - if one of the business owners were to die or become either terminally or critically ill, shareholder/partnership protection insurance could give the remaining business owners enough money to buy the individual insured partner’s or the shareholder’s interest in the business.
If you own or run a business it is usually your most important asset - it is never too late to safeguard it!


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